Production is done with respect for the earth.

The no. 1 in Audiovisual Presentation Furniture

Somewhat arrogant but our passion drives us to push the limits for you.

Villa ProCtrl’s products, including lecterns and tablet holders, are renowned for its quality and no-nonsense design.

We are market leaders in the design of modern audiovisual presentation furniture and we sell our products worldwide in over 40 countries.

All lecterns and tablet holders are of Dutch design. High quality materials form the basis of our design and production, both of which are mostly done in The Netherlands. Our North American products are mainly produced in the USA.

Villa ProCtrl’s customers often opt for the best design and top quality. Our growing list of high-end clientele includes, among others, multinationals, luxury hotel chains, government agencies, TV studios, suppliers and manufacturers of well known brands etc. We are deeply committed to design products that enhance your presentation and we have been doing so since 1999 with passion for the profession.