iTop Twist Pro
wall mount for your iPad Pro 12.9 inch

Product description

Wall mount with docking connector for your iPad Pro12.9 inch.

The stand itself is entirely made from brushed stainless steel and the

top part from white Solid Surface. The top is 90 degrees

rotatable in portrait or landscape mode with anti-theft built in.

iTop Twist Pro Wall Mount

ipad pro wallmount portrait render 02-1
ipad pro wallmount portrait render 03-2
ipad pro wallmount portrait render 04-4
ipad pro wallmount portrait render 05-3

Features iTop Twist Pro 12.9 inch
iPad wall mount


90 degrees rotatable portrait or landscape
Dutch design
made in The Netherlands
3 year warranty on construction
including assembly tools
no shippingcost (within Europe)
camera function and microphone accessible
reset/power button covered (special access)
connection for headphone
polished stainless steel and Solid surface


Important information

The iTop Pro is available with a hardware supply to cover the home button. Under settings on your iPad a software disabled home button is possible.


iTop Twist Pro
iPad wall mount

 wall plate 150 x 150 mm
Height n/a
Material Stainless steel / Solid Surface
Including docking – rotatable head – anti-theft
DIY assembly

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specifications and manuals please click here

Solid surface

The holder for your iPad is made from Solid surface. Standard your iTop is delivered in the colour white.

Solid surface consists of 70% natural minerals, 25% acrylic resin, 2% binder and 3% natural pigments. The main mineral is Aluminium TriHydrate derived from bauxite.

Solid surface provides comfort, luxury and exclusiveness.

Also available in satin black.

iTop Twist Black Edition