Choose from a wide range of accessories and options for your lectern

The right sound

Shure MX 412 microphone


Brand : Shure Model : MX400 series

Available in two lengths. The MX412 (12 inch 30,5 cm) and the MX418 (18 inch 45,7 cm). Your Shure MX412 or MX418 gooseneck microphone is delivered with the R185B cartridge. Cardioid Pattern. Also available as (R184B) supercardioid or (R183B) omnidirectional polar pattern. This Microflex goose neck microphone provides the added lenght and flexibility needed for presenters. The microphone includes XLR entrances and fits perfectly on the shock mount. High sensitivity and balanced, transformerless output for maximum resistance to electromagnet hum and RF interference, even over long cable runs.

shure r185b

Microphone cartridge

Shure Cartridge R185B. This cardioid cartridge (this is actually your microphone) comes standard with your Shure MX412 or MX418 gooseneck. The shown image is enlarged. You will see this part mounted on the end of the goose neck in the top photo.

Shure shockmount

Shock Mount

For the perfect sound, mount the Shure MX series goose neck microphone on the shock mount. The Shure shock mount is a rubber grommet with a XLR microphone insert. With this shock mount you will avoid “rumble”. The Shure Shock-Stopper TM construction decouples the microphone from the mounting surface and reduces the transmission of impact or surface noise by up to 20 dB.

microphoen cable klotz

Microphone cable

Microphone cable is a must have in each unit. To keep your microphone sound sustainable and of high quality you need Klotz microphone cable with black XLR connectors. Available in various lengths, with a standard cable length of ten meters.

Sufficient light

leesverlichting reading light

LED reading light

With this LED reading light the presenter can illuminate his text perfectly. The LED light has a goos eneck and can be bent in any preferred position. The LED light has low energy consumption, long lifetime and does not overheat.

Please inquire about different optional adapters that can be installed on your lectern for easy mounting of the LED reading light.


powercon contact doos 400


It is very useful to have a socket on your lectern to connect presentation equipment like laptops, iPads, projectors or reading lights. This plastic socket is equipped with a powerCON connection power strip. You can easily connect and disconnect the power cable, for easy storage of your lectern.

powercon kabel

PowerCON power cord

You connect this power cord with powerCON plug to a power strip or to the main power outlet (if available). The outer sleeve of the cable is made from high quality Neoprene, smooth and easy to handle under all circumstances.  The professional powerCON connector is easy to use and comes standard in a length of ten meters.


Villa ProCtrl Logo


Display your corporate identity and logo in full color to the front of the lectern, in any size you want.  Simply send us your logo in EPS format and we will provide you a placement design for approval before we apply the logo. Optionally, we also produce a logo holder so logos can be changed if there are guest speakers.




Glass holder

This removable glass holder is made from stainless steel and clamps to the angled edge of the acrylic reading area.

A matter of connecting

spietz media close-up

Cable Manager

Avoid the tangled mess and disruption of cables on your lectern. Our Cable Manager has all the connections needed to connect your equipment.

Usually these are connections for HDMI,  RJ45 and a 3.5mm jack for the sound of your laptop or iPad. A standard audio cable is connected to a passive DI (direct injection) Box in order to connect the sound sytem via balanced XLR. All cables can be guided separately to the patch panel on the bottom of the lectern or as a bundle connected through a grommet on the floor of the podium. It is also possible to put a socket and a cable grommet right in the Cable Manager.  When not in use, the Cable Manager is closed with a stainless steel cover.

Safety First

spreekgestoelte beschermhoes


Provide your lectern with the best protection. A custom made cover for your lectern in a strong fabric with double lining. You simply pull the cover over your lectern and keep it protected from dust and unwanted damage in storage.

Your presentation deserves the best lectern